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PlanetRomeo Mobile – Frequently Asked Questions

PlanetRomeo Mobile is designed for various types of mobile devices and contains many of the main features of the PlanetRomeo Desktop version:

– Search for Users, Escorts, Clubs & Guide Profiles
– Send and receive messages
– See which of your contacts are online
– Check who visited your profile

If you have any questions, please check these Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Q: What is the difference between “” and “”?
A: Both versions will work on most mobile devices. But is optimized for devices with touch-enabled screens, with larger touch-friendly buttons, while is designed for non-touch devices and smaller screens. The choice is yours!

Q: Is PlanetRomeo Mobile an ‘App’?
A: PlanetRomeo Mobile is not an application. You don't have to install any software on your mobile device.

There is an ‘App’ available for the iPhone. For more information about this ‘App’, check the following url:

Q: Is it for free?
A: Yes, we are offering PlanetRomeo Mobile completely free of charge. But please be aware that your mobile provider may charge you data usage fees.

Q: Can I use the Mobile and the Desktop versions at the same time?
A: Yes, you can be logged in on both versions at the same time but some problems might occur.


Q: Can I register or delete a profile?
A: These features are currently only available in the Desktop version.

Q: Why can't I log in to my User/Escort profile?
A: Please check your log-in details again or visit our Desktop version and click on “Forgot Password?”.

Q: Why can't I log in to my Club/Guide profile?
A: Owners of Club or Guide profiles cannot yet login to the Mobile version. Please continue to use the Desktop version instead.

Q: Where can I change my Log-in/Access data?
A: Currently you still need to do this in the Desktop version.

Q: Will my profile stay online when I close my browser?
A: This depends on the browser and internet settings of your mobile device.


Q: How can I change my online status, location and online headline?
A: Go to the “Settings” icon (top-right corner) then choose “Profile” and change your settings.

Q: How can I upload or manage my pictures?
A: These features are currently only available in the Desktop version.

Q: Where can I preview my profile?
A: Go to the “Settings” icon (top-right corner) then choose “Profile” and “Preview Profile”.

Q: Where can I change the interface language?
A: Go to the “Settings” icon (top-right corner) then choose “Interface” and change your language.

Q: Where can I change my interface settings?
A: Go to the “Settings” icon (top-right corner) then choose “Interface”.


Q: How can I search for profiles?
A: Go to the “Search” icon (top-right corner).  You can search for profile names, use your saved searches or do several “Quick” searches by regions.

Q: How can I do a Detailed User Search?
A: This feature is currently only available in the Desktop version.


Q: How can I send a message?
A: If you're viewing a profile, use the white envelope icon below the preview picture. If your viewing a received message, just  answer directly in the empty text field.

Q: How can I lock or delete a received message?
A: Open the message, go to “Edit”, then lock or delete the message.

Q: What are locked messages?
A: When you lock a message you are saving it so it won't get deleted. Messages that you have read are automatically deleted after 3 days (7 days for PLUS users) unless you lock them.

Q: Where can I find my contacts?
A: Go to the “Favorites” tab (top center). All your saved contacts can be found there.

Q: How can I find my visitors?
A: Go to the “My Visitors” tab (top center, next to the “Favorites” tab).

Q: Can I use GPS to find other Users nearby?
A: This feature is not yet available.

Q: Can I use the Guestbook functions?
A: This feature is currently only available in the Desktop version.

Q: Can a user see if I visited his profile?
A: Yes, but only if you have enabled the “Big Brother” feature in the Desktop version.


Q: I'm having other problems using PlanetRomeo Mobile, can you help me?
A: PlanetRomeo Mobile is designed to work on the majority of mobile devices. But just how it looks and behaves depends on what mobile device you are using. Differences in screen size, browser types etc. mean there is small chance it might not look quite right  on your device. It's also possible that some features might not work the way they should.

Some common problems with looks or functionality can be caused by data saved in your mobile device. Clearing your browser history, cache and cookies will often resolve such problems. Please check the manual of your mobile device for instructions on how to do this.

Q: I want to contact you to give  feedback or ask a different question. How can I do that?
A: You can contact our Support Team, using the appropriate form under “Help & Service” on the Desktop version of PlanetRomeo. Alternatively you can send an email to:

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